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Apple Wants iOS Developers To Start Renting Apps Instead Of Selling Them
The meeting saw Apple urging the developers to change their business and adopt the sustainable business model – recurring fees for apps. Apple r..

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Googles Machine Learning Code Just Got Defeated By Student Coders
The code created by these students was measured using a benchmark from researchers at Stanford called “DAWNBench.” It uses a common image ..

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Firefox Now Supports The Latest Version of Internet Security Protocol
TLS or Transport Layer Security is an internet security protocol that enables secure communications between two computers. Different versions of TLS a..

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Facebook Bans Kodi Boxes And Other Jailbroken Devices
Adding Kodi to the list of the prohibited content, Facebook has put up a post explicitly stating that posts promoting the sale of illegal video stream..

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9 Android Pie Hidden Features: Best Android 9 Tricks You Might Have Missed
Like, did you know? You can roll back to the three-button navigation system from the new Android Pie Gesture Navigation. Well if you didn’t, th..

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Machine Learning Can Uncover Programmers Identity
Just like a painter or author, programmers tend to have their unique style in which they code. As they line up thousands of lines of code, they leave..

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25 Smartphone Models Found Shipping With Severe Firmware Flaws: Defcon 2018
In another interesting event at Defcon 2018, security researchers from US Mobile and IoT security firm Kryptowire have unearthed the fact that the def..

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Microsofts New Patent Will Let You Communicate With Others In 3D
Microsoft calls it a system that provides a simulated environment and enables real-time interaction among two or more participants who are geographica..

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Nvidia Unveils Turing Architecture Based Quadro RTX GPUs
Introducing parts of the new Quadro RTX family, the Quadro RTX 8000, RTX 6000, and RTX 5000 now stand as Nvidias fastest cards and are expected to..

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How To View Saved Passwords And Credit Cards In iPhone Running iOS 12?
If you have saved a password or card details on your MacBook in Safari via iCloud keychain, you can access the same password on your iPhone as well. T..

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