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BREAKING: Alec Baldwin accidentally shoots and kills cinematographer (and wounds film director) with REAL, functioning gun, not “prop gun” as falsely reported by the fake news media  6 minutes ago
In Australia, DOUBLE vaxxed to be locked up if they fail to take all required “booster” shots  1 hours ago
STUDY: Covid vaccines are NOT reducing infection rates  1 hours ago
PAID OFF: COVID origins investigator wins $1M via China''s “Nobel Prize” for claiming virus developed naturally  2 hours ago
Jeffrey Prather: COVID-19 vaccines are part of fifth-generation warfare “ Brighteon.TV  2 hours ago
Dr. Steven Hotze warns about the dangerous ingredients in COVID-19 vaccines, including graphene oxide “ Brighteon.TV  4 hours ago
Israel study questions COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, reveals stunning degree of HARM caused by vaccines  4 hours ago
Robert Scott Bell and Mary Holland reveal massive pushback against vaccine mandates “ Brighteon.TV  5 hours ago
MISINFORMATION CENTRAL: Fake Denmark Study and its reviews suggest if you already beat Covid naturally you STILL need clot shots  5 hours ago
Pfizer sponsors the “news,” which is why you rarely hear anything bad about its covid “vaccine”  7 hours ago
Biden released more than 16,000 covid-positive illegals into U.S., says ICE  7 hours ago
Leaked docs show “woke” Walmart now subjecting white employees to race propaganda, telling them they are guilty of internalized racial superiority  8 hours ago
GENOCIDE REPEAT: Much like the small pox blankets given to Native Americans, the US government is now giving free Covid spike protein vaccines to oblivious victims  8 hours ago
Trump still trying to claim credit for deadly covid vaccines that are killing Americans  9 hours ago
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says border situation worsening into “a firing war” as cartel members take shots at National Guard, law enforcement  9 hours ago
Chaos coming to streets of Chicago as mayor won''t back off vaccine mandate and 3,200 cops refuse to take the jab  10 hours ago
ANALYSIS: Food rationing to be announced in America, followed by FOOD RIOTS and social unrest… Biden regime will invoke martial law in 2022  10 hours ago
America is now a “theater of WAR” with open warfare being waged against the people by their own corrupt, treasonous leaders  11 hours ago
Covid vaccine plunges to just 3% effectiveness, yet Biden and CNN authoritarians demand 100% compliance with taking it  11 hours ago
ALERT: Pete Buttigieg has been on secret paid leave since August as infrastructure bill fizzles, supply chain crisis escalates  18 hours ago
Teen dies of heart attack soon after getting COVID shot so he could play hockey: report  18 hours ago
David Wilcock shares cosmic wisdom with the Health Ranger “ Brighteon.TV  19 hours ago
Influential writer accuses globalists of trying to get rid of the Constitution “ Brighteon.TV  19 hours ago
Flooding in West China submerges villages, destroys crops  21 hours ago
Supply chain disruptions lead to shortages and soaring prices  21 hours ago
Parts shortage hitting farmers hard as supply chain crisis expected to persist well into 2022  22 hours ago
Biden continues to deny that supply shortages are occurring in the US  22 hours ago
Food prices continue to rise dramatically, with no relief in sight  23 hours ago
Alabama school asking parents to send kids to school with lunches after running out of food due to worsening supply chain crisis  23 hours ago
Biden sneaks caveat into covid vaccine mandate order authorizing damages for vaccine injuries  1 day ago
Southwest Airlines backs down from vaccine mandate after massive protests  1 day ago
National security alert: Thousands of U.S. Special Forces and combat troops discharged as total force ‘vaccination'' decimates military readiness  1 day ago
Biden is not doing anything to resolve the supply chain crisis  1 day ago
Thanksgiving might be very different this year thanks to turkey shortages, higher food prices  1 day ago
Biden absurdly blames unvaccinated Americans for the spread of COVID-19 “ Brighteon.TV  1 day ago
Clay Clark digs into vaccines and transhumanism with Dr. Carrie Madej “ Brighteon.TV  1 day ago
Soaring psychosis cases in the UK a cause for alarm  1 day ago
Vitamin D deficiency is common – here''s how it can affect your health  1 day ago
Employers who follow vaccine mandates are violating their non-discrimination clause, says Paul Romero “ Brighteon.TV  1 day ago
This Simple 15-Minute Butternut Squash Is The Perfect Healthy Fall Dinner  1 day ago
Over 100 workers sue top US nuclear weapons lab over coercive vaccine mandates  1 day ago
Backlash over vaccine mandates growing as thousands hold protests all across the country  1 day ago
ECONOMIC TERRORISM: U.S. Treasury says store shelves will remain empty until everyone gets vaccinated for covid  1 day ago
Defense Dept. threatening elite Navy SEALs who refuse to take COVID jab with paying back cost of training and discharge  1 day ago
October 20
The covid virus has NEVER been isolated and shown to cause disease… the entire pandemic is based on a fake science myth  1 day ago
COVID vaccine mandate lunacy: If you sneak into America from Canada or Mexico, you don''t need a vaccine but if traveling legally, you do  1 day ago
Amazon caught throwing away food even as supply chain woes threaten to starve America  1 day ago
Efforts to keep ports open 24-7 to reduce cargo ship backlog aren''t going to work because insane trucking regulations in Dem-controlled California are keeping trucks off the road  1 day ago
Biden starving out public school children with engineered covid shortages, supply chain failures  1 day ago
RED ALERT as America now just nine meals away from ANARCHY… massive civil unrest PROVOKED on purpose  1 day ago
GOT FOOD OIL POISONING? Physician, author and researcher Dr. Chris A. Knobbe verifies processed oils are at the core of nearly all disease  1 day ago
ORDERED TO LIE: Canada''s fascist government orders pastor to preach covid lies from “medical experts”  1 day ago
Your Attention Tanks Under High Stress: A Neuroscientist Says This May Help  1 day ago
6,700 Seattle students now without school bus service thanks to COVID-19 vaccine mandates  1 day ago
138 Legislators from 38 states call for nationwide audit of 2020 election  1 day ago
Rabobank: The problem is no central bank can bail out the physical economy from shortages  1 day ago
Fully vaccinated are COVID ‘super-spreaders,'' says inventor of mRNA technology  1 day ago
Massive nurse shortage hits Houston – Weeks after 150 unvaccinated nurses and hospital workers were fired  1 day ago
An emergency supply checklist for beginner preppers  1 day ago
Supply chain crisis continues amidst COVID-19 pandemic, with no end in sight  1 day ago
Walgreens shutters 5 more San Francisco branches due to “ongoing organized retail crime”  1 day ago
Natural gas shortages prompt power plants to switch to oil  1 day ago
Beef and chicken set to become luxuries as inflation pushes food prices ever higher  1 day ago
“Forever chemicals” from almost 42,000 sources threaten to contaminate drinking water  1 day ago
Australian judge rules vaccine mandates are legal on public health grounds  1 day ago
Poll: 1 in 5 Americans believe the coronavirus pandemic will never end  1 day ago
Louisiana Parish offers to scrub CRIMINAL records clean as a COVID-19 vaccine incentive  2 days ago
Whistleblower: FDA and CDC both know, but won''t admit, that 90% of covid patient hospitalizations are the fully vaccinated  2 days ago
THOU SHALT NOT SPEAK: Judge says Chicago police union not allowed to discourage members from getting vaccinated for covid  2 days ago
Vaccine mandates leading to massive shortage of 911 staff, putting Americans'' lives in danger  2 days ago
FEAST and FAMINE: Banking industry puts COVID-19 pandemic in rearview mirror while millions continue to suffer from food scarcity  2 days ago
Food company exec: People must get used to higher food prices  2 days ago
Meat prices surge by 10.5% as supply chain issues hit meat industry hard  2 days ago
More military personnel died from suicide in Q2 2021 alone than from COVID-19 since start of pandemic  2 days ago
Southwest Airlines pilot exposes company''s draconian vaccination policies “ Brighteon.TV  2 days ago
Fully vaccinated 21-year-old student DIED from COVID-19 weeks after experiencing symptoms  2 days ago
Top scientists release study warning against COVID-19 vaccines, demand an immediate end to vaccinations  2 days ago
Melissa Red Pill discusses the Moderna vaccine and the damage it causes “ Brighteon.TV  2 days ago
Massachusetts State Police officer taken to the ICU after receiving Johnson '' Johnson coronavirus vaccine  2 days ago
October 19
Fully vaccinated Colin Powell dies from COVID, raising new concerns about vaccine-induced immune suppression  2 days ago
UK''s Pfizer report reveals SHOCKING VACCINE INJURIES and deaths from the covid jab  2 days ago
Navy declares ALL sailors who resist taking COVID-19 vaccine will be discharged – no exemptions, no exceptions  2 days ago
Left''s objective of creating mass chaos as part of new American revolution now unfolding as first responder ranks shrink in opposition to COVID vaccine  2 days ago
203,000 members of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Union (SMART) stand strong against forced covid “vaccination”  2 days ago
MASS PROTESTS erupt across America; even Biden voters now rejecting tyrannical vaccine mandates … “Let''s go Brandon” protest rap goes viral  2 days ago
Pennsylvania joins 10 other states in withdrawing from National School Boards Association over covid fascism  2 days ago
SCIENCE SHAM: WHO hires CCP advisors, Wuhan lab collaborators to lead new “COVID Origins Investigation”  2 days ago
Americans are going to be absolutely shocked by the empty shelves they see  2 days ago
Vaccine pioneer says rules ‘dont apply'' to unaccountable, ‘corrupt'' Fauci, FDA  2 days ago
Things to consider before turning your home into a homestead  2 days ago
Massive congestion in Chinese ports indicate global supply chain disruptions will continue  2 days ago
Labor and energy shortages: The cracks in the economy are showing  2 days ago
This MDs Go-To Decadent Dessert Wont Spike Your Blood Sugar  2 days ago
Young workers ditching the office to work on farms  2 days ago
Obama''s multibillion-dollar coal plant that never worked implodes  2 days ago
Walmart, UPS and FedEx commit to working more shifts to deal with global supply disruptions… but will it matter?  2 days ago
Dr. Alan Keyes digs deep into the enemies'' playbook with Jeff and Shady “ Brighteon.TV  2 days ago
NBA Hawks'' team managers tell player Brandon Goodwin to keep his MOUTH SHUT about blood clots from Covid-19 vaccine that ended his season and maybe his career  2 days ago
DELUSIONAL: Pfizer CEO thinks his company has done more “good to humanity” than any other company in history  3 days ago
Lawfare with Tom Renz: Gov. Abbott''s executive order banning vaccine mandates came too late “ Brighteon.TV  3 days ago
Mainstream media is 20 months behind Natural News in finally recognizing lab origins of covid  3 days ago
The U.S. is destroying its own health care infrastructure by attacking the people who remember what medicine means  3 days ago
WHISTLE BLOWER frontlines Deborah Conrad pulls back the curtain on the complete lack & VAERS filing  3 days ago
Pastor Artur Pawlowski interviewed by Mike Adams: Anti-Christian TYRANNY comes to Canada  3 days ago
STOP eating these cooking oils if you want to survive SPIKE PROTEIN exposure  3 days ago
Waymo self-driving taxi goes rogue in Arizona, blocking traffic and escaping rescue crew  3 days ago
Did Bill Gates step down from Microsoft because of an affair with an employee?  3 days ago
Ex-Boeing exec indicted for fraud following deadly 737 Max crashes  3 days ago
Instagram censors scientist for posting study showing men are physically stronger than women  3 days ago
Indian startup promotes cow dung logs for cremating coronavirus victims  3 days ago
Cities that defunded police last year are now reversing course and RAISING police budgets  3 days ago
October 18
Lake Tahoes water levels reach dangerous lows due to California drought  3 days ago
Vaccine shill Sanjay Gupta challenged Joe Rogan to talk about Covid-19 vaccines and Ivermectin on Rogan''s New Spotify Podcast “ CNN and Gupta LOST  3 days ago
Countdown to ZERO IMMUNITY… vaccine victims are seeing their immune response drop by about 5% each week, with long-term consequences mirroring AIDS  3 days ago
Just Released: The Top 10 Healthy Food Trends To Look Out For In 2022  3 days ago
Convenient hypocrisy: Americans pay global warming tax while China pollutes, much like the Covid vax is mandatory for US citizens while the border is wide open  3 days ago
Chaos coming to Chicago over COVID vaccine mandate as head of police union tells members to defy mayor''s order  3 days ago
Make preparations now: Federal agency says heating your home this winter is going to cost a LOT more, especially in red states  3 days ago
Hashtag #EmptyShelvesJoe goes viral as Americans rage over broken supply chain under Biden  3 days ago
NO JAB, NO FOOD: Hessen, Germany, says grocery stores can discriminate against the unvaccinated  3 days ago
Ireland town that''s 99.7% “fully vaccinated” seeing massive covid “outbreak”  3 days ago
Healthy teenagers suffer and die from coronavirus vaccines “ does the CDC even care?  3 days ago
NBA player who suffered blood clots from COVID-19 vaccine says league told him to keep quiet  3 days ago
CDC vaccine enforcement robots ripped right out of "Elysium"  4 days ago
October 17
Marxist indoctrination of our children continues as Washington high school banned 9/11 tribute because some students might be “offended”  4 days ago
CAUGHT: Boston Bombing SCRIPTED ACTOR turns out to be CNN''s favorite so-called Covid “expert” Dr. Leana Wen (opinion)  4 days ago
Pentagon assessment of future battlefields envisions staying out of metropolises because big city fighting would be deadly, costly and ultimately futile  4 days ago
Emergency preparedness: All-season transportation options in a post-SHTF world  4 days ago
You can''t make this up: CNN''s HOME PAGE pop-up advertisement is for an injection for joint pain that also compromises your immune system''s ability to fight infection  4 days ago
This Homemade Sourdough Pizza Is Simple To Make & Way Easier On Digestion  4 days ago
Are covid “vaccines” giving people AIDS? Immune system functions are dropping around 5% EACH WEEK in those who were vaccinated  4 days ago
Boeing employees planning #FreedomFlu sickout Fridays in response to covid “vaccine” mandate  4 days ago
The crazy is strong in this one…  4 days ago
The ‘Russia Hoax'': It all began with Hillary  4 days ago
What we know about Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo  4 days ago
Now a U.S. government official is telling us that the supply chain nightmares could potentially last for “years”  4 days ago
Skyscraper in China wobbles without earthquake, causing mass evacuation  4 days ago
Report: Etherium still uses massive amounts of energy across its cryptocurrency network  4 days ago
South Korea to spend $450 billion in bid to become world''s leading chipmaker  4 days ago
US faces shortages of various major consumer goods like chicken, gas, lumber and microchips in post-pandemic economy  4 days ago
FDA staffers undecided on Covid booster shots due to lack of data  4 days ago
Netflix suspends, reinstates three workers who busted into a financial meeting because they''re upset at Dave Chappelle''s ‘transphobia''; walkout now planned  4 days ago
Ted Cruz calls Biden''s covid vaccine mandate “illegal”  4 days ago
If people being killed by spike protein vaccines in the name of “science” is deemed GOOD, then why is there so much opposition to prescription opioid deaths?  4 days ago
SUBWAY GAS ATTACKS to be staged by DHS/Feds in NYC at over 120 locations, including transit buses, airports, subway tunnels between October 18th – 29th  4 days ago
Now organ transplants are being cancelled because the DONOR isn''t vaccinated… all organs must be pre-“spiked” with spike protein toxic nanoparticles  4 days ago
Big tech platforms betray America, help lead Haitian migrants to U.S. so they can break our laws and enter illegally  4 days ago
So fake: Joe Biden is so mind-addled his handlers built a phony “Oval Office” for him across from the White House so he can read his answers from a teleprompter  5 days ago
USC Law School dean tells students to snitch on classmates who DRINK WATER in violation of covid restrictions  5 days ago
TV station looking for stories of unvaccinated fatalities gets flooded with reports of vaccine injuries  5 days ago
Dr. David Martin: Biden''s vaccine mandates mean nothing  5 days ago
October 16
Healthy 16-year-old boy in California DIES after receiving second dose of Pfizer''s coronavirus vaccine  5 days ago
Former Pfizer VP says there is “clear evidence of fraud” concerning 95% covid vaccine efficacy claim  5 days ago
NYC, DHS will release non-toxic gas at 100-plus locations in preparation for chemical, biological attack: Is Biden''s America in danger?  5 days ago
9 Impressive health benefits of goji berries  5 days ago
10 Organic superfoods that support healthy digestive and immune functions  5 days ago
Boost your attention naturally with spearmint  5 days ago
When silver prices are LOW, that means government is heavily SUBSIDIZING your purchase!  5 days ago
The DEVOLUTION of covid vaccine efficacy  5 days ago
First Pentagon cyber czar quits, says DoD, Congress have already lost to China as some government agencies have “kindergarten” level of understanding about AI  5 days ago
Michael Burry drops redpills in epic Twitter rant  5 days ago
This Is The Best Breakfast Hack To Balance Your Blood Sugar, If You're Curious  5 days ago
Revealed: Facebook''s secret blacklist of “dangerous individuals and organization”  5 days ago
10 shortages that are getting worse  5 days ago
Busted! Arrogant, maskless MI school board VP caught on video singing at crowded karaoke bar after accusing fellow school board members of spreading COVID because they won''t wear masks to meetings  5 days ago
Mysterious explosion rouses New Hampshire; meteor eyed as possible cause  5 days ago
Robot dogs are now being equipped with assault rifles for military use  5 days ago
Aluminum prices jump to 13-year high; extreme power requirements for manufacturing prompts China to halt production  6 days ago
Extended energy supply shortage looms as prices for oil and natural gas soar  6 days ago
Senior Federal Reserve official says “transitory” inflation is not actually transitory  6 days ago
Fior Hernandez accuses DOJ of trying to silence parents who are standing up for their children “ Brighteon.TV  6 days ago
Most parents reject COVID-19 jabs for children aged 5 to 11 – poll  6 days ago
Hundreds of thousands of US troops yet to comply with vaccine mandate as deadlines near  6 days ago
COVID-19 lockdowns magnify strain on global supply chain  6 days ago
Pastor Artur Pawlowski shares his experience with the Canadian brand of tyranny “ Brighteon.TV  6 days ago
Drs. Steven Hotze and Peter McCullough discuss the dangers of spike protein and public health responses “ Brighteon.TV  6 days ago
PERFECT STORM: Southwest Airlines cancels over 2,400 flights as pilots pursue SICKOUT revolt against vaccine mandates  6 days ago
Im A Neuroscientist: This Is How Trauma Impacts Your Brain + How To Heal  6 days ago
Earlier Stories
RED COVID: Lead Democrats try to rename virus because it''s mostly blue state Democrats at 92% who get the deadly clot shots, nearly doubling Republican red state vax rates  7 days ago
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refuses to back down, says LGBTQ filth doesn''t belong in schools  7 days ago
EXPOSED: Emails show Fauci funded training at Wuhan''s most deadly lab  7 days ago
Millions of Americans will suffer amid mass power outages this winter, thanks to a burgeoning energy crisis, insider warns  7 days ago
Crazy: Massive $3.5 trillion spending bill Pelosi, Biden trying to ram down America''s throat contains a billion taxpayer dollars for pathetic media that lies about everything  7 days ago
‘System collapse'': Supply chain workers warn of impending breakdown because COVID shutdowns have drained the workforce and worsened product shortages  7 days ago
Walmart, Costco limit toilet paper sales as the engineered covid collapse accelerates  7 days ago
Texas GOP gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines vows he will detain any federal agents who come into state looking to arrest parents as “domestic terrorists”  7 days ago
REPORT: Virginia father arrested after his teen daughter allegedly raped by trans student in public school  7 days ago
Lying Netflix CEO: We don''t allow ‘hate'' (But they do, against Christians)  7 days ago
Wife of Navy engineer arrested for sale of classified submarine secrets appears to be ‘woke'' leftist progressive  7 days ago
The cult of the vaccine  7 days ago
Tenacity and resourcefulness: 10 Survival lessons from the homeless  7 days ago
Astronomers pick up radio signals from planets outside our solar system for the first time  7 days ago
French Catholic Church has employed more than 3,000 PEDOPHILES since 1950s “ report  7 days ago
Inflation worries reach Japan as global financial crisis looms  7 days ago
U.S. heating oil supplies fall to critically low levels as temperatures are already dropping in parts of the country  7 days ago
Kraft Heinz CEO says people must get used to higher food prices  7 days ago
Wait...Is It Bad To Drink Coffee During Your Period? OB/GYNs Answer  7 days ago
Pilot calls on Americans to push back against vaccine mandates and fight for their health freedom  7 days ago
Government sponsored experiments to craft the best pro-vaccine messages FIVE MONTHS before COVID-19 vaccines became available  7 days ago
Vitamin D could end covid, if only the media would talk about it  7 days ago
Undergoing COVID treatment has made Allen Wests opposition to vaccine mandates GROW  7 days ago
Truckers voice frustration with cargo vessel backlog at West Coast ports as supply chain disruptions worsen  8 days ago
Soaring fertilizer prices expected to make food inflation even worse  8 days ago
Prather Point: Deep State sacrificing informants for their own nefarious ends “ Brighteon.TV  8 days ago
Drs. Bryan Ardis and Lee Merritt talk about the coronavirus as a depopulation tool “ Brighteon.TV  8 days ago
Melissa Red Pill: James O''Keefe and Project Veritas waking people up to the truth about vaccines “ Brighteon.TV  8 days ago
Brits forced to take COVID tests on camera to prove they''re not lying about results  8 days ago
Nurse fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccine speaks about REAL situation in hospitals  8 days ago
Colorado health care system refuses to operate on unvaccinated individuals  8 days ago
Being “pro-immune system” and “pro-informed consent” does not mean someone is “anti-vaccine,” as clarified by Full House star on Instagram post that''s gone viral  8 days ago
Alleged TRAITORS caught trying to sell nuclear submarine secrets to a foreign enemy had Black Lives Matter sign in their yard, are obvious LEFTISTS who hate America  8 days ago
As Biden becomes increasingly unpopular, Dems turn to more authoritarian enforcement and suppression  8 days ago
Top 6 ways humans clog their own blood, leading to early death by heart attacks, strokes, cancer and VACCINES  8 days ago
Bush-appointed federal judge declares no such thing as natural immunity  8 days ago
Another media cover-up: Massive cancellation of flights by Southwest Airlines NOT due to “weather” in Florida, but widespread pilot pushback against COVID vax mandate  8 days ago
VAERS: At least 160,000 Americans have likely died from covid vaccines  8 days ago
Hospitals are literally SUFFOCATING patients with plastic bags; AIR CARGO will be halted this winter due to collapsing airplane parts supply chain  8 days ago
Southwest Airlines “sickout” protest spreads to Amtrak, which is canceling trains due to employees refusing covid “vaccination”  8 days ago
Walgreens just attacked two children with a biological weapon when all they wanted was a flu shot  8 days ago
Medical boards now “hunting” doctors who speak out against covid fascism  8 days ago
Attempted murder? Texas hospital dehumanizes teenage covid patient, puts “equipment cover” plastic bag over her head  8 days ago
Google, YouTube to demonetize any content that does not comport with the left''s idea of “climate change”  8 days ago
Lemon vs. lime: Is one healthier than the other?  8 days ago
Situation Update, Oct 12, 2021 - PLANETARY CRUCIFIXION will lead to humanity's resurrection and unstoppable awakening  8 days ago
Vaccine resistance WALKOUTS are TERMINATING the era of cheap, abundant products  8 days ago
Climate lockdown: UCL professor advocating lockdowns to combat “climate change”  8 days ago
LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva says he will not enforce COVID-19 vaccine mandate  8 days ago
City workers in Gainesville, Florida FIGHT BACK against COVID-19 vaccine mandate  8 days ago
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